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The Westwood Area Band Boosters (WABB) consists of parents, guardians, and friends of the band program that support Westwood High School,  as well as Grisham and Canyon Vista Middle Schools. The WABB funds services and educational opportunities not provided by Round Rock ISD, provides volunteer manpower that it takes to support a high quality band program, and maintains a communications network for parents. You can support our band programs by joining the WABB, volunteering at any of our many events throughout the year, sponsoring our band program and by participating in our current fundraisers

Join the Westwood Area Band Boosters (WABB)


The WABB is integral to sustaining and enriching the band experience at Westwood High School, Grisham, and Canyon Vista Middle Schools. By joining, you play a pivotal role in securing the necessary funding and resources that go beyond the scope of Round Rock ISD's provisions.

Key Contributions of WABB:

  • Financial Backbone: We provide critical funding for instructional support, scholarships, competition fees, and equipment upgrades.
  • Resource Management: Our organization ensures that essential resources, from marching instruments to color guard training, are effectively allocated.

Your membership and support empower our students to achieve musical excellence. Join WABB and be a part of this harmonious effort to nurture the next generation of musicians.

Join the Heartbeat of Our Band:

Volunteer with Us

At the Westwood Area Band, we believe that volunteering isn't just about lending a hand; it's about embracing the core values of our band - Pride, Passion, and Family. As a volunteer, you become an integral part of our community, directly contributing to the enriching experiences of our young musicians.

Experience the Pride: Witness firsthand the dedication and hard work your child and their peers put into each performance. Your involvement as a volunteer allows you to see the remarkable effort behind every note and the triumphant results of their commitment.

Share the Passion: By volunteering, you're not just observing; you're actively participating in the vibrant world of band music. Engage with our dedicated directors, who pour their hearts into nurturing the talents of our students. Your support helps fuel the passion that drives our band to excellence.

Be Part of the Family: Volunteering is a unique opportunity to connect with other parents and guardians. You'll meet the friends of your child, their families, and become a part of a larger community that shares a common goal – to support and celebrate the achievements of our young musicians. Together, we create an environment where every member feels like part of the band family.

Join us in this fulfilling journey and play a pivotal role in the Westwood Area Band's story. Your time and effort not only support our program but also enrich your experience as part of this extraordinary musical family.

Maximize Your Impact:

Employer Matching Gift and Volunteer Grant Programs

Did you know that many Central Texas employers can amplify your support for our band programs? Through Matching Gift and Volunteer Grant Programs, your contribution to the band can have double the impact.

How It Works:

  • Matching Gifts: When you donate to our band, check if your employer offers a Matching Gift Program. They may match your donation, effectively doubling your support.
  • Volunteer Grants: Some employers also provide grants based on your volunteer hours with us. Your time spent volunteering could translate into additional funding for the band.

Take a moment to inquire with your employer about these programs. It's a simple yet powerful way to enhance your contribution and support our students' musical endeavors.

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