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Warrior Band Mission Statement: Pride | Passion | Family

At Westwood, we take great pride in fostering musical development, encouraging personal commitment, nurturing hard work, and promoting mature behavior. These essential values form the foundation upon which we measure our success and evaluate all members of the Westwood bands.

We are not only shaping exceptional musicians but also building lifelong connections and memories that will forever resonate in the hearts of our students. The pursuit of musical excellence is not just a destination; it is an extraordinary journey, and we are honored to accompany our students on this path to greatness.

Please read and become familiar with the Westwood Warrior Band Handbook, containing policies and procedures in effect throughout the school year.

Your understanding and adherence are crucial to our collective success and musical journey. For any inquiries, our staff is here to support you.

Let's create an unforgettable musical experience together!

Link to Handbook

Drum Majors and Color Guard Captains
Drum Majors and Color Guard Captains
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