Sponsor the Westwood Area Bands

The Westwood Area Band Booster (WABB) organization supports the talented band students of Westwood High School and its feeder middle schools: Canyon Vista and Grisham. These bands are the largest and most diverse student body organizations at their respective schools. They are driven, accomplished and highly successful!

Community Reach

Do you want to connect with our Westwood community? Sponsoring is a great way to accomplish that! At nearly 3,000 total students, the Westwood community is large, thriving and a great advertising market. Westwood High School is located in a densely populated area with close proximity to bustling retail, successful private practices as well as government offices. Traffic flow around Westwood remains high throughout the calendar year. In addition, dozens of clubs and community organizations utilize the Westwood, Canyon Vista and Grisham school properties outside of school hours, giving visibility to our sponsors to thousands of families outside our enrollment.

Becoming a Westwood Band Sponsor is easy and worthwhile. Check out our Corporate Sponsorship program for how you can join us. You can even complete your donation online.

Westwood Band Truck


Every week throughout the fall our band travels all across the Austin metro area to play and support our football team. We travel north to Georgetown and Leander, and east as far as Manor - traversing 10-50 miles round trip each week. The band also travels throughout Texas for major competitions and biennially travels nationally to compete or perform. Wherever we travel, our Warrior band semi truck travels with us, repping our sponsors along the way!

We'd love to add your logo to our beautiful trailer!

We love to promote and show appreciation to our sponsors with announcements at football games at the 11,000 seat capacity Kelly Reeves Athletic Complex and through our Westwood Band social media accounts on FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter. We'll proudly display a sponsor banner as we march through the Westwood neighborhoods in our Homecoming parade this October and carry it with us to football games.

Participating in band is a proven way for youth to explore talents outside of athletics and academics, develop self-discipline and apply hard work to improve over time. Patience, dedication and commitment to the success of something bigger than themselves are life skills that help band students succeed in life. This is why we invest our time and talent as a booster organization to support these bands. We invite you to invest in our Westwood community by supporting the Westwood Band as a Corporate Sponsor.


Your sponsorship is completely tax deductible as WABB is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. If you have any questions, please contact our Vice President of Fundraising.

Thank You Sponsors