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Sponsor the Westwood Area Bands

Who We Are:
We are the Westwood Area Band Booster (WABB) organization, dedicated to supporting over 500 exceptionally talented band students from Westwood High School and its feeder middle schools, Canyon Vista and Grisham. We invite you to join us in championing these remarkable young musicians through corporate sponsorship. Partnering with WABB gives you a unique opportunity to make a lasting impact on aspiring musicians while gaining valuable visibility for your business.

What We Do:
Our booster organization raises vital funds to provide our band programs with resources beyond what the district can supply. These funds are directed towards various needs, including travel expenses, instrument procurement and maintenance, private lessons for students and securing the resources that make our marching shows and spring concert performances both musically captivating and visually stunning.

What We Need From You:
We have a goal to Raise over $80,000 before September 15th to help fund our band program through the end of a very full school year. We'd love to have your partnership to make this one of our best seasons yet. Your support helps!

  • Marching season is kicking off, and our band is already practicing full days in this heat, preparing for an exciting season with 8 football game performances and at least 4 top-ranked competitions.
  • Our Westwood symphony (combined band and orchestra) has been awarded top honors as the #1 6A full orchestra in Texas and will perform at the state-wide TMEA convention in February.
  • Our top concert bands at Westwood and Canyon Vista will be performing at the distinguished, invitation-only Midwest Clinic in December, the only feeder band programs to receive this honor.

What This Does For You:
Imagine your business associated with the electrifying energy of our band students as they perform throughout the year. With performances extending from August to May, your corporate sponsorship promises extended exposure to a diverse audience. Westwood, Grisham, and Canyon Vista bands boast some of the largest, most diverse, and highly active student bodies in their respective schools. Their events draw substantial support from families and friends, be it football games, competitions, or concerts. By supporting our organization, you contribute to the growth of these talented individuals and gain access to a wide range of potential customers within our vibrant community.

At WABB, we take pride in fostering strong relationships with our sponsors. With an impressive collective student body of nearly 10,000, our Westwood community offers an ideal advertising market for your business. As a valued sponsor, we offer various avenues for brand exposure, such as announcements at football games, eye-catching truck decals, sponsor banners or shirts, and active promotion across our social media accounts. Moreover, as our band travels extensively throughout the fall season, supporting our football team in the wider Austin metro area, your brand will be proudly displayed on our Warrior band semi-truck, garnering attention wherever we go.

Click here to learn more from our Corporate Sponsorship Information Sheet


How Your Support Helps:
Your generosity and support directly contribute to the growth and success of our band. Central Texas is renowned for its highly-competitive band region, boasting multiple Top 25 marching bands. With booster-raised funds, our fall marching & spring concert bands continuously challenge themselves and strive for excellence, climbing the national rankings and consistently competing with other top-performing bands in Texas and the nation. Aligning your business with their pursuit of musical greatness demonstrates a commitment to excellence that resonates with our community and potential customers.

Participating in the fine arts provides young individuals with a platform to express their creativity, receive recognition for talents beyond athletics and academics, and develop essential life skills such as teamwork, self-discipline, and continuous personal growth. As a booster organization, we invest our time and talent to ensure these band programs thrive and nurture exceptional adults of tomorrow. Partner with us and become an integral part of this transformative journey, empowering the next generation of leaders.

Join us:
On behalf of our students, families, directors, and the WABB board, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for considering sponsorship. If you have questions or require further information, reach out to us at

Together we can create a dynamic partnership that amplifies the joy and success of our remarkable band program!

Click here to read our Corporate Sponsor Information Sheet

Thank You Sponsors

Your sponsorship is completely tax deductible as WABB is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. If you have any questions, please contact our Vice President of Fundraising.

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